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Coronary Angiography

Information is for a Cardiac Patient who wants to undergo angiography (Cathterisation)

Introduction class

Q. How does human being stay alive ?
A: The heart is the key to life.
The Heart is a mechanical pump created by super power God. It is made of a special muscle. It works with oxygenated blood and a small power supply. That is generated by a small generator inside the heart.

Q. What does the Heart do ?

A: It pumps blood to the brain and all parts of our body.
It’s pumping capacity is 5 Liters per minute. 5 x 60 = 300 Liters per hour. 7200 Liters per day. That is the capacity of a large water tanker . !!
If a person lives 100 years it means his heart is working for 36,600 days. Continuously working for 876,400 hours without taking rest to supply blood to the brain and body.

Q. What happens if the heart takes rest ?

A. Nothing but death !!!!!! The heart can never rest.
Our body & brain are living on oxygenated blood with other secretions, vitamins etc. This blood is pumped by the working heart

Q. How is the heart working ?

A. It is also working with oxygenated blood which is self pumped.

Q. How is blood circulated to heart, body & brain ?

A. Through veins and arteries. Veins carry de – oxygenated blood and arteries carry oxygenated blood. The heart also has veins and arteries. The arteries which carry blood to the heart is called Coronary arteries.
When somebody gets chest pain (Heart attack). It means one or more of his/her coronary arteries are blocked. Some part of their heart is not receiving a blood supply and that area of heart may be damaged soon (That area of their heart has started taking rest) To see where the block is and to examine what kind of block it is, Doctors advise Coronary Angiogram. Coronary angiography means taking pictures (photos) of coronary arteries to find out coronary artery disease.

Q. Can we take such pictures with Camera ?

A. We can’t take pictures of the heart with a camera like we take our photos because the heart is situated inside the body and invisible. Regular cameras can take pictures within our visible eye range.

Q. How are internal pictures taken.?

A. To take pictures of anything inside our body we need X rays. By using X rays we can take photographs of structures inside our body. For cardiac photos they use ‘Cath Lab’. And the test is called ‘Coronary Angiography ‘.

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  • Catheterization (Angiography test)
  • Normal angio pictures
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  • How to Prepare yourself before undergoing Angiography
  • Check list for Angiography
  • Classical examples
  • Legal documentation
  • Understanding by pass Surgery
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