Counseling Specialist

Stress management counselling (by Video chatting )

System of self-treatment according to alternative medicine, diseases , disorders and ailments are the result of faulty ways of living, bad habits, lack of proper knowledge of things related to individual’s life, and improper food, body activities, lack of exercise unorganized lifestyle, not having proper intake and outputs of the body. The diseases are thus the resultant state of a short or prolonged malfunctioning of the body system. Thus malfunctioning is caused by an imbalanced internal condition, created due to certain errors of the individual.

Since the root cause of disease lies in the mistakes of the individual. Its cure also lies in correcting those mistakes by the same individual. Thus it is the individual him/herself who is responsible in both cases, that is for causing as well as for curing the disease.

The Counseling Specialist  can identify those mistakes by every individual’s, and suggest better lifestyle  by counselling and Yoga Therapy, Massage therapy.

Alternative Medicine: Counselling Psychologist can Heal with Guidance and Life style modification

Manage & treated your Stress. Contact:00919908683335

Self confidence.

Interpersonal relations


Health (Preventive Health management, Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension )

Education (Counseling for school students, Like what will be future?)

Interpersonal relations (Marriage and Family counseling, Child parental relations)


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