Learn Windows

Windows ?

Windows in Computer ?

What does it mean ?

Why do we call them Windows ?


None of the buildings in the picture above, from huts to skyscrapers, are WINDOW less. All of them have WINDOWS.

    • Windows are used for accessing Light & Air

    • In the same way, a window in a computer gives you access to operating applications or document sound, movie, etc.

    • This is called a multitasking operating system

    • An operating system is a program (Language translator) is used for Interaction between computer & operator.

    • What are the operating systems ?

    • [DOS. Disk Operating System , windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Millennium, etc.]

    • Multitasking ? Many jobs done at the same time [Multiple tasks at a time. Switching over between tasks ]

Example: Multi tasks our brain do:

    • 1) Watching TV while having dinner

    • 2) We do so many tasks while driving. Like driving, route map for destination, roads & signals, listening to music, watching people, if we come across known people we store data like date time dress etc., and if we find a beauty are handsome we store their data, it means we can recognize them easily.

The same way working with computer, using windows we can do multitasking like our brain:

    • 1) Handle multiple applications, by opening multiple documents in different windows.

To perfect windows you will need to take about ten classes

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